British National Bibliography

The British National Bibliography as Linked Open Data

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star this property description This dataset is a release of the BNB as linked open data. The current offering includes descriptions of published monographs (including monographs published over time), i.e. BNBBooks; serials publications, i.e. BNBSerials and projected publications, i.e. BNBCIP. Further information about the dataset is available at:
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Bristol observer (North West edition)
Chipman, John Somerset, 1926-
Dunedin Academic
English explained / Winifred Barnes
Journal of nutritional medicine
Readings in development microeconomics
Solid mechanics and its applications
Structural analysis (Engineering)
The social agenda of the school / Jim O'Brien
Vessel glass / Gladys Davidson Weinberg
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Bibliographic Ontology
Bio: A vocabulary for biographical information
British Library Terms
Dublin core terms
FOAF Vocabulary
ISBD elements
RDF Schema
SKOS core
The Event Ontology
Upper Mapping and Binding Exchange Layer (UMBEL) Vocabulary
WGS84 Geo Positioning: an RDF vocabulary
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