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A dissertation on the philosophy of Aristotle / Thomas Taylor
A flight of souls
Against the Christians and other writings / Thomas Taylor
An Index to Plato
Anonymous prolegomena to Platonic philosophy
Apuleius' Golden ass, or, The metamorphosis / Apuleius
Aristotle on the parts & progressive motion of animals, the problems, on indivisible lines, to which is added Thomas Taylor's The elements of the true arithmetic of infinities / Aristotle
Beyond the shadows
Beyond the shadows
Collected works of Thomas Moore Johnson / Thomas Moore Johnson
Collected writings of Plotinus / Plotinus
Deep philosophy, deep ecology
Essays and fragments of Proclus, the Platonic successor / Proclus
Fragments of Numenius of Apamea / Robert Petty
From my reading to yours / P M H B.
Iamblichi Chalcidensis in Platonis dialogos commentariorum fragmenta
Iamblichus on the mysteries of the Egyptians, Chaldeans, and Assyrians ; / Iamblichus
On the soul / Aristotle
Oracles and mysteries / Thomas Taylor
Platonic inquiries
Platonic pathways
Platonic traditions in American thought
Platonism and the world crisis / John M. Dillon
Proclus' Commentary on the Timæus of Plato / Proclus
Proclus' Elements of theology / Proclus
Proclus' commentary on the first book of Euclid's elements / Proclus
Proclus' elements of theology / Proclus
Select works of Porphyry / Porphyry
Selections from the Prometheus Trust Conferences 2006-2010
Song of the solipsistic one / Deepa Majumdar
The Chaldean oracles / Ruth Dorothy Majercik
The Greek commentaries on Plato's Phaedo. 1, Olympiodorus
The Greek commentaries on Plato's Phaedo. 2, Damascius / Damaskios
The Orphic poems / M. L. West
The chant of Plotinus / Guy Wyndham-Jones
The dissertations of Maximus Tyrius
The great, and Eudemian, ethics, and the politics, and economics of Aristotle / Aristotle
The history of animals of Aristotle and his treatise on physiognomy / Aristotle
The metaphysics of Aristotle / Aristotle
The organon, or, Logical treatises of Aristotle / Aristotle
The philosophy of Proclus / Laurence Jay Rosán
The physics, or, Physical auscultation of Aristotle / Aristotle
The rhetoric, poetic and Nichomachean ethics of Aristotle / Aristotle
The song of Proclus / Guy Wyndham-Jones
The sophist / Plato
The symposium / Plato
The theology of Plato / Proclus
The treatises of Aristotle, On the heavens, On generation & corruption, and On meteors / Aristotle
The unfolding wings / Tim Addey
The works of Plato / Plato
The works of Plato / Plato
The works of Plato / Plato
The works of Plato / Plato
Towards the noosphere / John M. Dillon
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