British National Bibliography

Royal Society (Great Britain)

has contributed to
'State of the nation' report on 5-14, science and mathematics education
A Century of nitrogen fixation research
A Global strategy for housing in the third millennium
A Guide on organizing ICSU scientific meetings in the United Kingdom
A Reduced-content 16+ syllabus in solid-earth sciences
A Survey of British hydrogeology 1980
A guide to the archives and manuscripts of the Royal Society / Keith Moore
A reduced-content 16+ syllabus in chemistry / Joint Royal Society-Royal Society of Chemistry Committee for Chemical Education
Accommodation resources to teach science and technology in the national curriculum
Advances in astronomy
After the reboot
Agricultural efficiency
Air-sea interaction project / Joint Air-Sea Interaction Project
Animal intelligence
Annex to the report on science education 11-18 in England and Wales covering a survey of British schooling with special reference to science education
Antarctica and environmental change
Attention, space, and action
Biochemistry and genetics of complement
Biological control of pests, pathogens and weeds
Biological roles of protein phosphorylation
Biology letters
Biology letters
Biotechnology and education
Bonding and structure of solids
But the crackling is superb
But the crackling is superb
Cage aquaculture in Lake Volta, Ghana / Ruby Asmah
Can science and technology bring the world together? / Umberto Colombo
Capturing carbon and conserving biodiversity
Cell membranes and glycoprotein synthesis
Changes and disturbance in tropical rainforest in South-east Asia
Circulation and fronts in continental shelf seas
Clay minerals
Climate change and human health
Climate updates
Combating the threat of zoonotic infections
Communications after AD2000
Complex stochastic systems
Complex stochastic systems
Constraints on research and development in some smaller manufacturing companies
Contraceptives of the future
Corporate cultures and the marketing of technology / Kenneth Corfield
Creep of engineering materials and of the earth
Crop protection chemicals
DNA methylation and gene regulation
DNA repair and recombination
Data management and use / British Academy
Dealing with carbon dioxide at scale
Dealing with natural disasters
Degraded core analysis for the pressurized-water reactor / John Gittus
Delay effects in brain dynamics
Design construction and properties of novel protein molecules
Differential gene expression and plant development
Diffuse matter in the solar system
Dislocations and properties of real materials
Diving and life at high pressures
Dorothy Mary Crowfoot Hodgkin, O.M. / Guy Dodson
Drug-resistant tuberculosis
Dynamical chaos
Dynamics of complex fluids
Ecosystem services and biodiversity in Europe
Education in cartography in the United Kingdom
Electrical and magnetic properties of low-dimensional solids
Energy for the future
Energy in the 1980s
Environmental effects of North Sea oil and gas developments
Environmental geochemistry and health
Environmental geochemistry and health
Enzymic catalysis
Episodic memory
Evolution and environment in the late Silurian and early Devonian
Evolution and extinction
Evolution of biological diversity
Evolution on islands
Experimental chaos I + II
Exploiting remotely sensed imagery
Extensional tectonics associated with convergent plate boundaries
Extraordinary fossil biotas
Food technology in the 1980s
Foraging strategies and natural diet of monkeys, apes and humans
Forecasts and warnings
Forests, weather and climate
Former Soviet Union
Fracture mechanics in design and service
Frank Brian Mercer / Hugh Ford
From computers to ubiquitous computing, by 2020
Fuel cycle stewardships in a nuclear renaissance
Functional aspects of human memory
Future ocean resources
Gamma-ray astronomy
Geochemistry of buried sediments
Geographic information in the United Kingdom
Glutamine repeats and neurodegenerative diseases
Greenhouse gas removal
Growth factors in differentiation and development
Guidelines on the care of laboratory animals and their use for scientific purposes. 1, Housing and care
Health policy and technological innovation
Highlights of British science
Human factors in hazardous situations
Human fertilization and embryology
Images and artefacts of the ancient world
Industrial and diagnostic enzymes
Industrial quality and productivity with statistical methods
Infection, polymorphism and evolution
Inositol lipids and transmembrane signalling
Insecticide resistance
Inside science
Inside science
Intellectual property and the academic community / National Academies Policy Advisory Group
Interactions between platelets and vessel walls
Interface focus
Interface focus
Intramolecular motion and chemical reaction
John Herschel 1792-1871: a bicentennial commemoration
Journal of the Royal Society interface
Journal of the Royal Society interface
Keeping science open
Knowledge, networks and nations
Land resources
Light and Sight
Light scattering in physics, chemistry and biology
Liquid crystals
Long-term potentiation
Lord Baker / Jacques Heyman
Machine learning
Major crystal lineaments and their influence on the geological history of the continental lithosphere
Making the UK safer
Marangoni and interfacial phenomena in materials procesessing
Material content of the universe
Mathematical and statistical methods for diagnoses and therapies
Mathematical genetics
Mathematical logic and programming languages
Mathematical models in finance
Mathematics in the archaeological and historical sciences
Mathematics-physics interface in schools
Mato Grosso / Anthony Smith
Measuring biodiversity for conservation
Mechanisms regulating gene flow in flowering plants
Medicine in the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR)
Melting and melt movement in the Earth
Metal clusters in chemistry
Metal-organic and organic molecular magnets
Metal-organic and organic molecular magnets
Metric units in primary schools
Metrication in schools. 2, Reports of a conference held at the Royal Society on 19th September 1968
Microbia membrane transport system
Microplastics in freshwater and soil
Migrant pests
Mineral phases in biology
Mitochondrial biogenesis
Mixed valency
Molecular Rydberg dynamics
Molecular biology of cell locomotion
Molecular chaperones
Molecular chemistry for electronics
Molecules in interstellar space
Molecules through time: fossil molecules and biochemical systematics
More technologies for rural health
NMR imaging
Nanotribology, nanomechanics and applications to nanotechnology II
Natural and artificial low-level seeing systems
Networks: modeling and control
Neuroactive peptides
Neutron scattering in biology, chemistry and physics
New coal chemistry
New developments in archaeological science
New developments in electron microscopy [proceedings of a symposium held at the Royal Society in 1970]
New developments in the theory and application of solitons
New dimensions in microbiology
New fibres and their composites
New frontiers in science 2000
New horizons in industrial microbiology
New techniques in optical and infrared spectroscopy
Newton's Principia and its legacy
Nociception and pain
Nonlinear dynamics of engineering systems
Notes & records of the Royal Society of London
Novel techniques of non-destructive examination
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in solids
Nucleoside triphosphatases in energy transduction, cellular regulation and information transfer in biological systems
Observing the earth from space
Open biology
Opportunities for British involvement in the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR) 1990-2000
Optical bistability, dynamical nonlinearity and photonic logic
Options for producing low-carbon hydrogen at scale
Origin and differentiation of the Earth
P.M.S. Blackett / Bernard Lovell
Palaeoclimates and their modelling
Palaeolimnology and lake acidification
Particle physics today / C. H. Llewellyn Smith
Passenger transport after 2000 AD
Philosophical transactions. Biological sciences
Philosophical transactions. Mathematical, physical and engineering sciences
Philosophical transactions. Series A, Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences
Physics and mathematics of strings
Planetary exploration
Pollutant control priorities in the aquatic environment
Population regulation and dynamics
Population, regulation and dynamics
Possibilities for the prevention of cancer / Richard Doll
Preparing for the transfer from school and college science and mathematics education to UK STEM higher education
Proceedings of the Workshop on Library Provision for the Culture of Science, Technology and Medicine (CSTM) held at the Royal Society, October 23rd 1990
Proceedings. Biological sciences
Proceedings. Mathematical, physical and engineering sciences
Proceedings. Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences
Processing of complex sounds by the auditory system
Processing the facial image
Prospects for industrial electrochemistry
Protecting privacy in practice
Pulsars as physics laboratories
Quantifying sedimentary geochemical processes
Quantitative aspects of the ecology of biological invasions
Quantitative theory in soil productivity and environmental pollution
Quarks and leptons
Recombinant DNA and genetic experimentation
Recording our changing landscape
Remote sensing and digital mapping
Remote sensing from space / J. T. Houghton
Residuals, additives and materials properties
Resource development in semi-arid lands
Results of the Royal Society Joint Air-Sea Interaction Project (JASIN)
Ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase-oxygenase
Risk assessment
Risk: analysis, perception and management
Robert Hooke
Rosenhain centenary conference
Rotation in the solar system
Royal Society open science
Royal Society/Engineering Council conference report Science education 16-19
Rural crime
Safety in research
Satellite Doppler tracking and its geodetic applications
Science and public affairs (London)
Science and technology in the eye of the law
Science as an open enterprise / Royal Society (Great Britain). Science Policy Centre
Science education 11-18 in England and Wales
Science education 11-18 in England and Wales
Science funding
Science, medicine and dissent
Scientific aspects of irrigation schemes
Scientific aspects of nature conservation in Great Britain
Scientific aspects of the 1975-76 drought in England and Wales
Scientific papers of Sir William Herschel (1912) / William Herschel
Scientific research in Antarctica
Scientists and the media
Sea floor development
Seed storage proteins
Self-order and form in polymeric materials
Semiconductor growth, surfaces and interfaces
Setting environmental priorities / Peter S. Daley
Sex determination in mouse and man
Shale gas extraction in the UK
Short titles of commonly cited scientific journals
Sir Frank Whittle / G. B. R. Feilden
Solar energy
Solid-solid interactions
Some famous biologists
Stochastic physics and climate modelling
Strategy and tactics of control of migrant pests
Structure and dynamics of materials in the mesoscopic domain
Studies of the middle atmosphere
Studies of the surfaces of solids by electron spectroscopy
Subcritical crack growth
Submillimetre waves and their applications
Sulphur bacteria
Support of geophysics in the United Kingdom
Supramolecular and colloidal structures in biomaterials and biosubstrates
Supramolecular nanotechnology for organic electronics
Swing from science in schools
Teacher training, opportunities for science, technology and mathematics graduates. [1972]
Technologies for rural health
Technology in the 1990's
Technology in the 1990's
Technology in the 1990s
Technology in the 1990s, the promise of advanced materials
Tectonic evolution of the Himalayas and Tibet
Tectonic settings of regional metamorphism
Tectonic stress in the lithosphere
Telecommunications in the 1980s and after
The Aerial transmission of disease
The Anglo-Dutch contribution to the civilization of early modern society
The Behaviour and influence of fluids in subduction zones
The Big bang and element creation
The Binding and transport of anions in living tissues
The Constants of physics
The Control of secretion
The Deep sea bed
The Determinants of bacterial and viral pathogenicity
The Disposal of long-lived and highly radioactive wastes
The Dynamics of ships
The Dynamics of the coupled atmosphere and ocean
The Earth's core
The Ecological effects of deposited sulphur and nitrogen compounds
The Effects of oil pollution
The Emergence of man
The Enzymes of glycolysis
The Epidemiology and ecology of infectious disease agents
The Evolution of DNA sequences
The Evolution of sedimentary basins
The Evolutionary interaction of animals and plants
The Fast-neutron breeder fission reactor
The Fossil record 2
The Greenhouse effect
The Growth and form of modular organisms
The JET project and the prospects for controlled nuclear fusion
The Long-term effects of oil pollution on marine populations, communities and ecosystems
The Manipulation of genetic systems in plant breeding
The Neuropsychology of cognitive function
The Nitrogen cycle
The Origin and evolution of the earth's continental crust
The Physics of solar flares
The Prevention and avoidance of genetic disease
The Psychological mechanisms of language
The Record of The Royal Society of London for the Promotion of Natural Knowledge
The Record of The Royal Society of London. Supplement to the fourth edition for the years, 1940-1989
The Relative contributions of mantle, oceanic crust and continental crust to magma genesis
The Royal Society / Keith Moore
The Royal Society Conference of Commonwealth Scientists, 7-11 April 1967
The Royal Society and the fourth dimension, the history of timekeeping
The Scientific, technical and medical information system in the UK
The Social responsibilities of scientists
The Solar system
The Spectroscopy of molecular ions
The Study of the ocean and the land surface from satellites
The United Kingdom contribution to the International Biological Programme / British National Committee for the International Biological Programme
The activities of bacterial pathogens in vivo
The assessment of sublethal effects of pollutants in the sea
The cell as a habitat
The correspondence of Isaac Newton / Isaac Newton
The correspondence of Isaac Newton. Vol.5, 1709-1713 / Isaac Newton
The correspondence of Isaac Newton. Vol.6, 1713-1718 / Isaac Newton
The correspondence of Isaac Newton. Vol.7, 1718-1727 / Isaac Newton
The current status of research of acidification of surface waters / B. J. Mason
The early history of agriculture / Joseph Hutchinson
The earth's climate and variability of the sun over recent millennia
The effects of marine pollution / British National Committee on Oceanic Research. Marine Pollution Subcommittee
The electron microscopy and composition of biological membranes and envelopes
The evidence for chemical heterogeneity in the earth's mantle
The evolution of adaptation by natural selection
The evolution of passive continental margins in the light of recent deep drilling results
The evolution of reproductive strategies
The flaws of gravity / Bruce Davison
The hippocampal and parietal foundations of spatial cognition
The impact of the natural sciences on archaeology
The letters of Sir Joseph Banks / Joseph Banks
The library and archives of the Royal Society, 1660-1990 / Marie Boas Hall
The middle atmosphere as observed from balloons, rockets and satellites
The moon
The northern Great Barrier Reef
The past three million years
The place of astronomy in the ancient world
The planets today
The production and uses of genetically transformed plants
The psychology of vision
The role of apoptosis in development, tissue homeostasis and malignancy
The scientific century
The shortage of mathematics and science teachers in schools
The treatment amd handling of wastes
Theoretical and practical aspects of uranium geology
Theories of biological pattern formation
Thin film diamond
Time-resolved macromolecular crystallography
Towards sustainable consumption
Towards the immunological control of human protozoal diseases
Trace element deficiency
Tracers in the ocean
Transgenic modification of germline and somatic cells
Tropical rain forest
Turbulent flow structure near walls
Turning points in zoological science
UK national plan for GEWEX (the Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment)
Ultra-high-sensitivity mass spectrometry with accelerators
Ultra-short laser pulses
Understanding the North Sea
United Kingdom contribution to the International Geological Correlation Programme
United Kingdom report on the history of science, medicine and technology, 1990-1993
United Kingdom report on the history of science, medicine and technology, 1994-1997
United Kingdom research on geodesy 1980-1983
United Kingdom research on geodesy 1983-1986
United Kingdom space policy
Untrasound and x-rays in engineering and medicine
Wildlife population growth rates
has created
A memorandum by the Council of the Royal Society on the consultative document (Cmnd 4814) 'A framework for government research and development' / Royal Society (Great Britain)
A study of the scientific information system in the UK / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Biographical memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Decennial index / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Decennial index 1971-1980 / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Developing UK policy for the management of radioactive waste / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Developing a national strategy for science / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Discoveries in time / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Disposal of radioactive waste in deep repositories / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Emigration of scientists from the United Kingdom / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Environmental aspects of increased coal usage in the United Kingdom / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Evidence synthesis for policy / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Excellence in science / Royal Society (Great Britain)
General notes on the preparation of scientific papers / Royal Society (Great Britain)
General notes on the preparation of scientific papers / Royal Society (Great Britain)
General notes on the preparation of scientific papers / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Genetically modified plants for food use and human health / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Machine learning / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Machine learning / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Machine learning / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Metrication in secondary education / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Report of council for the year ended 31 August .. / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Royal Society News / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Royal Society mathematical tables. Vol.9, Tables of indeces and primitive roots / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Ruđer Bošković and the Royal Society / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Shut down or restart? / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Signatures in the Charter-book of the Royal Society of Fellows admitted from 1936-1949 and Second supplementary index,which completes the list of signatures in the Charter-book to those of the Fellows elected in 1949 / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Signatures in the first Journal-book and the Charter-book of the Royal Society / Royal Society (Great Britain)
The Royal Society / Royal Society (Great Britain)
The Royal Society catalogue of portraits / Royal Society (Great Britain)
The Royal Society corporate plan / Royal Society (Great Britain)
The United Kingdom contribution to the International Geophysical Year, 1957-58 / Royal Society (Great Britain)
The potential and limitations of using carbon dioxide / Royal Society (Great Britain)
The signatures in the first journal-book and the charter-book of the Royal Society / Royal Society (Great Britain)
The signatures in the first journal-book and the charter-book of the Royal Society / Royal Society (Great Britain)
The signatures in the first journal-book and the charter-book of the Royal Society, 4th ed. Supplement / Royal Society (Great Britain)
The state of marine science in the United Kingdom / Royal Society (Great Britain)
The terrestrial ecology of Aldabra / Royal Society (Great Britain)
The yearbook of the Royal Society of London. 1980 / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Transliteration of Russian, Serbian and Bulgarian for bibliographical purposes / Royal Society (Great Britain)
Vision for science and mathematics education / Royal Society (Great Britain)
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